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Spiritual Education

A child's spirit is nurtured by an inspiring school environment. The future of humanity rests upon what kind of environment is provided within the four walls of a school. The soft side of education, the school ethos, has a profound impact on the psychology of a child. It nourishes the inner spirit. Just like when we walk into a temple, a church or into nature, our spirit is attracted. So must a child's spirit be attracted as she walks into a school? Schools need to create a new culture and provide a new climate of encouragement. At Sufia, daily prayer-assemblies are well planned to be spiritually nourishing. The integration of All Religions Prayer before the commencement of every event is an innovative way to teach tolerance for difference and create awareness of and reverence for all religions.

Sufia spiritual and human education, children's context is widened and they do better in their academics also.By combining spiritual education with academic preparation Children progress more in their academic work when compared to an education that is focused on academics.

Human Education

A child is a member of a family, a community and the world. It is important that schools integrate human education as integral part of their Broader, Bolder education for the 21st century, an education which is capable of saving humanity.

Children are taught at Sufia how to work with each other and tolerate the other but also feel a deeper emotion of love for the other, irrespective of how different the other is in her views, habits, culture and tradition.

Material Education

Education has mostly been about Material Education. It is assumed that with a good education, a child can get a good job and therefore lead a more comfortable life than without such an education. For economists, education's purpose