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The school does not put pressure of Examinations on the young minds. Day to day progress is the criteria for assessing the performance of the child. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) is followed in classes I to V and feedback is provided regularly to the parents.

There will be three major examinations, viz. First Terminal Examination, Second Terminal Examination and Annual Examination..

The Subject teachers may also take weekly/monthly tests. A student is generally promoted to the next higher class on the basis of the result of the Annual Examination..

A student who fails for two successive years in the same class shall be given a Transfer Certificate.

Copying in an examination is a serious offence. No student is allowed to involve himself / herself either in copying or in helping others to copy. In such a case, the student will be awarded a zero in the subject..

Forging signatures in any manner is an offence. Tampering with marks and grades either on the answer papers or on the progress report is strictly prohibited. In such a case, the student will be awarded a zero in the subject..

Students must report to school in proper uniform on examination days, failing which they may be refrained from writing the examination, after proper warning is given..

Any other act of indiscipline which does not figure here, and is not acceptable to the school will be dealt with severely and appropriate punishment will be meted out to the offender.

Note :

  • Should a pupil be absent for any test / examination, then he / she will be Marked absent.
  • No child will be permitted to appear for any test / examination, if he / she is seriously ill or is suffering from any infectious / contagious disease.
  • Students must not take study leave unless granted by the School.
  • Promotion is decided at a special meeting with concerned teachers. Hence, the Results declared are final and requests for reconsideration from detained cases will not be entertained.


  • The all classes have assessment after every unit that is done in class and face a consolidated worksheet periodically. The average of the assessments is considered for final promotion.
  • Absence from assessments is strictly discouraged and will not be considered without a genuine reason.
  • All major assessment answer sheets will have to be duly signed by the parent.
  • Promotion to higher classes is decided on the basis of the marks of the assessments of the whole year and assessment of regular work and class work and home work
  • Cheating, helping another student or including in any other malpractice in an examination disqualifies the student for the whole examination.