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CCTV Camera

The need of today – “CCTV Security Systems”.
It helps in preventing or identifying un-authorized intruders who enter the premises, thereby promoting school security.
Keeping track of remote entrances and exists is easier through CCTV Cameras.
CCTV Security Systems helps organize exit in case of emergencies.
School Security measures to protect school properly and identify perpetrators and vandals.
CCTV Cameras aid monitoring and preventing bullying amongst students.
This helps in ensuring discipline and punctuality amongst students.
Prevents or track students whereabouts.
Keep parents mind at ease about school security and environment.
This system in the school is a way of ensuring a safe, secure and healthy learning environment for children.

School hostel

The schoo extends hostel facility to the outstation students (only boys) who are keen to be a part of DPS family. Housted within the school premises, the hostel extends all requisite facilities to provide the students an environments as good as home. The state of the art facilities ensure a comfortable and healthy living environment.
It is truly a home away from home, where each students receives personal attention and is encouraged is not only develop his academic skills but also to become a well balanced and caring individual. Participation in co-curricular activities is encouraged. Hostel Gives the students an opportunity to meet peers from other regions and cultures. The hostel facility is available for the students of classes XI and XII.


The procedure for hostel admission strats in the month of April. Interested parents can refer to the school website for details of the admission schedule. Limited seats are available. For further information the hostel warden DR. Subash Singh Tomar can be contacted at +91 9958006924/25

Science Laboratories:

The school has well-equipped and well-stocked Physics,Chemestry, Biology and General Science Laboratories where specimens, models, picture-charts and educational CDs are used as effective tools to teach Science.

Computer Center:

The school has state of the art computer labs equipped with the latest Intel I3 processors and 24*7 online connectivity (WI MAX). The laborate multimedia equipped to provide online support to students and teachers. All academic and administrative work is facilitated by the Computer Center.


The school has a specious auditorium with state of the art facilities. Various Inter Computer labs/Intra school functions are organized and executed smoothly in the auditorium. It is equipped with the latest light and sound facilities. There is also a provision for Audio-Video presentations through the LCD Projector.

Swimming Pool:

The school has a mini Olympic size swimming pool and a toddlers pool, the pool hygienically maintained with a modern water treatment plant. Competent professional coaches are appointed to train the member. This facility is available for the students, alumni, faculty members and the parents.

Play Fields:

To ensure Holistic development of the students, games and sports are na integral part of the school curriculum. The school boasts of vast play areas for the students. Cricket and Football field, basketball court, Tennis court and badminton court are used by the students to hone skills. Professional coaches train the students to excel In the sport/game of their choice.


the libraries offer reading material on a myriad subjects, reference books, encyclopedias, journals, magazines, audio-visual aids, language games, etc. Activities like Book Clubs, Writter’s forum, Literary Clubs and Book Fairs are junior and senior libraries have computerized issuing system. It also has a Study Centre.

School Clinic:

The school clinic is looked after by a qualified doctor and caring nursing staff. Regular medical check-ups are conducted and a dossier of every students is maintained. The clinic has a four bedded A/C medical room fully equipped to cater to any unforeseen emergency.

  • Students who require medical attention during school hours are free to contact the school doctor with permission of the teacher in the class or by informing the class monitor.
  • In case of an accident, a round the clock ambulance is kept in readiness to transfer any seriously sick/injured child to a nearby hospital.

Guidance & Counseling Cell:

Highly qualified and experienced counselors render guidance and counseling services. The counseling cell of the school is a respect to learning, emotional and behavioral differences/difficulties observed in school. The children are referred to the school counselor by the class teachers and a preliminary assessments of the situation is made. The help is offered in terms of counseling and guiding students and parents. The cell also suggests suitable interventional remedies to handle the difficulties. The capability and the outreach of the counseling cell in the school is limited to an initial assessment of the problem. Thereafter are parent is advised to consult specialists in the relevant field. Like the School Clinic, the role of the School’s personal Counselling cell is limited to immediate orientation only.
Information width regard to experts in the field is also made available to the parents on request.

School Books and Uniform:

these facilities are available in the school premises.

School Cafeteria:

The school has a hygienic, well-maintained café for the students. To ensure the health of the children no aerated drinks are sold. Snacks and juices/lemonade are provided at fixed prices. Only cash payment is accepted.

Potable Water:

A sophisticated reverse osmosis water treatment plant operational in the school ensures uninterrupted supply of clean drinking water on all the floors.