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Director's Message

Tarique Zobair

Education does not mean to create Book worms. It should teach you to stand with Confidence, Express your best while you practice the very best.

If you need your kids to be the strongest pillars of future India by creating a mile stone through their successful and inspiring living, then welcome to Sufia Public School. The true education is the harmonious development of the physical and the mental abilities of the individual and transforms the future of the child as a self reliant, ambitious, motivated individual who has the nest positive Vibrations and the inbuilt ability to succeed so I FIRMLY BELIEVE RIGHT ASCHOOLING DECIDES THE REAL FUTURE.

Shaping young minds is one of the most challenging as well as interesting tasks in the present times. Just a glimpse of the bright, sparkling eyes is enough to bring a smile to our faces. We wonder how we can help these young flowers bloom in this world, without ever robbing them of their smiles, and we constantly seek newer ways to ensure it.

Education never stands purely on TEXT BOOKS.

It is basically learning the SKILL TO SUVIVE AND SUCCEED.

Once we complete the schooling, we should be self confident. Highly motivated stress free and should be equipped with the mindset “SKY IS My ONLY LIMIT”.

If you prefer your kids to get such highly effective Residential Schooling System. These capacities would enable students to meet the challenges in the mission of the Bharat Ratna APJ Abdul Kalam for transforming India into a developed country by 2020.

Tarique Zobair