Schedule and Rules

Assessment Model-KG to X
(Implemented from April 2017 onwards)
CBSE has announced a change in Examination model and based on that we have modified the complete assessment system from Class 1 starting April 2017.

CBSE will conduct board examination for Class X and XII.

1. Scholastic Area:

Students will be graded in 8 point grading scale
Grading Scale for Scholastic Areas (Class KG-IX)
(School will award grades as per the following grading scale)

91-100 A1
81-90 A2
71-80 B1
61-70 B2
51-60 C1
41-50 C2
33-40 D
32 & Below E (Needs Improvement)

Final Result will comprise the marks of 2 Periodic Test, Subject enrichment activities, Note book submission and 2 Term Examination

Term Examination (Half Yearly/Annual)
Total Marks 80
Comprises of Written Examination. Syllabus covered till the announcement of examination date
Assessment Marks and 8 point grade system
Periodic Test
Total Marks (For Examination) 20
Total Marks (For Display in Report Card) 10
Weightage Comprises of Periodic Tests (10 Marks)
Notebook Maintenance (5 Marks)
Subject Enrichment Activity (5 Marks)

Periodic Test

  • Periodic Tests will be conducted twice a year including the portion cumulatively.
  • Periodic Tests will be conducted out of 20 Marks. It will then be used to calculate marks out of 10.
    An average of the best three out of 10 will be added in the Internal Assessment.

Note Book Submission
Notebook submission as a part of internal assessment is aimed at enhancing seriousness of students towards preparing notes for the topic being taught in the classroom as well as assignments. This also addresses the critical aspect of regularity, punctuality, neatness and notebook upkeep.

1. Subject Enrichment Activity
These are the subject specific application activities aimed at enrichment of understanding and skill development. These activities are to be recorded internally by respective subject teachers.

  • For Languages: Activities conducted for subject enrichment in languages should aim at equipping the learner to develop effective speaking and listening skills.
  • For Mathematics: The listed laboratory activities and projects as prescribed publication of CBSE/NCERT may be followed.
  • For Science: The listed practical works/activities may be carried out as prescribed by CBSE in curriculum.
  • For Social Science: Map and project works may be undertaken as prescribed by CBSE in curriculum.

2. Co-Scholastic Area:

3. The concerned teacher framing effective tools for the same will assess Co-Scholastic activities on a 3-point grading scale.

4. Grading will not have any descriptive indicators and students will not be upgraded based on the Co-Scholastic grades.

  • Co-Scholastic area will cover Work education/Pre-Vocational Education/Art Education/Health and Physical Education.

Students will be graded by the class teachers for discipline in a 3 point grading scale considering the attendance, sincerity, behavior and values.

School Exam Result

  • Parents may access information such as examination results, Schedule, Progress etc through e-Bosco portal or manually by hand at the school campus.
  • Compare results between all years.
  • All report cards will be available online with statistics.

Result Pattern

Results for Junior School will be in Grades.

CBSE Result

Results will be available on CBSE website after the results are declared by the board.