Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision

The vision for SUFIA Public School is based on knowing what as a school we believe and value. There are elements of what we want for the school that are timeless and others which are determined and dependent upon the local and national picture for education.

We want SUFIA Public School to be a place that the students can be proud of and fulfilled in the fact that they attend an Upper School that is both safe and enjoyable. They will come to a school that is orderly with a clear expectation that they are here to learn. They will be taught by teachers who are highly skilled and understand the relationship between teaching and learning.

The students will experience education in its widest sense through having the opportunity to participate in sport, music, drama and the arts and appreciate the value that they bring to their wider education. The school community will be encouraged to engage and learn outside the confines of the school gate. Our students will go out into the community, looking smart and being ambassadors for what the school believes in.

Our aim is for students to leave SUFIA Public Schools with the confidence to articulate what they believe in and the skills that can enable them to be successful in their chosen future paths. We will support, encourage and challenge our students to make the most of not only the opportunities available to them but also their innate skills and abilities.

Students who come to SUFIA Public School will come to a school whereby the expectation for them will be to be as successful as they possibly can be. Success is relative and our students will be challenged to achieve appropriate academic accreditation.